Avoid Google - Ask Your Doula!

Your Doula can help keep you and your partner informed through each milestone of your pregnancy and postpartum journey. Your Doula can also help you find evidence-based information about different options in pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. A Doula is an unbiased resource. NEVER a source.

Emotional Support

 Your Emotions and Fears Deserve Attention!

Your Doula is a continuous comforting presence offering reassurance and encouragement, showing a caring and empathetic attitude, and helping you and your partner work through fears and self-doubt about pregnancy, birth and postpartum care. Debriefing after birth is another way a Doula can support you emotionally.

Facilitating The Birth of Your Dreams!

• Massage/counter pressure

• Position changes and suggestions for optimal labor progression

• Create a calming environment Water Therapy (bath, shower, aromatherapy)

•Sibling support from CPR certified childcare provider 

(Precious Little People Childcare)

• Hydrating and feeding the birthing person

• Hands-on infant feeding support

Anything you need to feel physically comfortable during your birth, a Doula can assist you with!

Easing your transition home!

• Light Housework

• Newborn care while parents rest

• Assistance with feeding

• Meal Preparation and Planning 

• Baby-wearing assistance

• Sibling support

• Newborn care education

• Feeding/changing station stock up

Anything you need to help the transition home and into new parenthood easier, a postpartum Doula can assist you with.

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