Spotlight Secret Society


Our Spotlight Secret Society Membership, though similar to a brand ambassadorship, is an anonymous “friends of Bella DaVinci Beauty” group of individuals whose purpose is to shine a spotlight on Bella DaVinci Beauty's superb services and treatments. This membership is to help create and maintain quality control for Bella DaVinci Beauty by secretly evaluating and giving feedback regarding all areas and departments of our business, help maintain a positive online reputation for Bella DaVinci Beauty, to refer others to our services, and to help maintain a positive image in the community for Bella DaVinci Beauty. Limited membership opportunities available. One Time Registration Fee: $149

Requirements: Members must commit to the following

1) Completing an evaluation form upon request immediately after receiving services.

2) Write a positive online review on at least two sites immediately after each positive spa experience, spa product, or spa dept evaluated. (We accept all honest feedback. However, areas for improvement must only be expressed on the evaluation form or by verbal discussion with spa owner or director, which gives the spa opportunity to improve.)

3) Actively promote and refer others to the spa.

4) Nominate the spa, spa staff, or owners for local or national awards anonymous by not sharing with anyone that you are a member of SSS. This includes staff, with the exception of owner & management. 

If this information is revealed, the member will become ineligible and no refunds will be given.

5) Host a spa events with a minimum of 3 other guests, at least once every 45 days.

6) Create and post social media content promoting Bella DaVinci Beauty as a client at least once a week.

7) Participate in events, parties, and fundraisers hosted by Bella DaVinci Beauty.

SSS Benefits:

 Receive services at 50% off

 (Base cost of 25% and gratuity of 25% of full retail value)

 Participate in SSS contests to win drawings and prizes.

 Spa product giveaways to try spa products.

 Try new products & treatments before regular clients.

 Receive 20 bonus points for each online review, referral, nomination or other benefit to the spa.

 Receive a promotion code for your friends and family for 15%, earn 20 bonus for each referral.

 Quarterly bonus for our top performing SSS member (awarded every January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1).

To Sign Up: please complete our Spotlight Secret Society Membership form below for review the form. If you are chosen and once you complete the registration fee, you will receive a special code to purchase Service Vouchers at 50% off full value. (Base cost of 25% and gratuity of 25% of full retail value). As well as a special promotion code for to give to everyone you refer.

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