Become a Partner

Are you interested in starting your own company, looking into franchising, or joining a direct sales company similar to Mary Kay???

Well this could potentially be the opportunity you’ve been looking for!

Bella DaVinci Beauty is seeking business partners to establish independent Bella DaVinci Beauty partnership locations all over the United States. Perfect for solopreneurs, family businesses, or anyone looking to establish a service-based business with a proven track record of success!!!

Partnering with Bella DaVinci Beauty is very much like a franchise, but as a partner, some creative control and some decision making powers are shared.

 We will train you and your staff (if you don’t have staff, we’ll assist with the hiring process).

Provide equipment, devices, and supplies to start operations.

We will help with establishing and setting up your location, as well as licensing requirements for your specific area of operation.

We also provide phone support for your clients, employees, and management.

Additionally, we provide back-office support and CRM.

 Handle scheduling and marketing, and so much more! 

The start up cost is low compared to franchising and the return on initial investment is swift. 

Give us a call and ask for Starr, let’s be successful together!!!